Dude Secretly Records His Roommate’s Emotional Girlfriend!

Every relationship is different and while some can be much more emotionally driven than others, there’s also a line that should be drawn when it comes to getting too emotional.

One man thought his roommate’s girlfriend crossed that line and to prove it, he secretly filmed her behavior and posted it to YouTube.

The video starts with him speaking to the camera as the woman screams in a nearby room. He explains how “this happens all the time.” The shot cuts to a few minutes later as her voice gets louder and, according to the man, she starts hitting his roommate.


As the clip continues, it is clear the shouting has gone on for a while and with each passing minute it gets even more intense.

Then, it cuts to later on when the two roommates are together near the camera. The one with the girlfriend says it isn’t always like this and his roommate scoffs at how that isn’t true at all, that it happens way more than he realizes.


Just then, the girlfriend comes in and says, “I’m going. Bye.” Her boyfriend responds, “Bye,” and that sets her off. She starts screaming at him and hitting him as he tries to calm her down.