Dude Scared Of Needles Makes A Fool Of Himself Getting Blood Work

Everybody has there own set of irrational fears, take this man for example who is terrified of needles.

So naturally, getting blood work done was not an easy process for this scared man.

Scroll down to watch this hilarious video of a man who just can’t sit still while getting his blood taken.

“Wait…wait.. wait, timeout!”

Unable to sit still in his chair, this man petrified of needles tried desperately to reason with the nurse taking his blood but ended up just embarrassing himself.

Finally, his wife told him to look at her which was enough of a distraction for the nurse to find this mans vein and jab the needle in.



“Please send this video to me!”

Nearly jumping out of his seat, this man couldn’t handle the feeling of the small pinprick f the needle entering his arm.

I bet he was quite embarrassed once this funny video of him went viral.


NeedleNonsense (2)

“If this needle fails out… I’m going to have to stick you again.” 

This mans voice was higher pitched than a little girl when answered the nurse’s questions as she took out the needle.

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