Dude Gets Too Close For Comfort To A Downed Powerline On A Metal Fence

Don’t be like the man in the foreground of this electrical fire and walk directly towards an explosion.

A downed electrical line put on quite the light show when it made contact with a metal fence.

How close would you dare to get to this electrically charged light show? Scroll down to see the shocking video.

Sparking fires on both sides of this gated entrance, this downed powerline created a dangerous scenario for the residents of this neighborhood.

One particular man near the electrical fire was hardly phased by the shocking event though.


PowerlineOnMetalFence (3)

Walking directly towards the blazing fires and flaring sparks, a man wearing nothing but shorts and a T-shirt walked directly towards the electrically charged fence.

Never flinching at the fires sparking on either side of the road, this man only ran away when the sparks started to grow out of control.



How close would you have dared to get to that downed and active powerline? I know I would have been much farther back than that man in shorts was!

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