Dude Finds A 2M Long Goanna Eating Their Cats’ Food In The Kitchen

The cat is not amused.

Lewis Khan from Sydney discovered a 2m-long goanna in their kitchen casually eating their cats’ food.

He believes the reptile could have been inside his home multiple times without his family realizing, because the cats’ bowls are always licked clean and the lizard seemed ‘strangely familiar’ with his home.


The suburban family got the fright of their lives after discovering a giant hungry lizard in their kitchen casually eating their cats’ food.

The 54-year-old PR manager said he had no idea what was happening when kids Elliot, 14 and Maia, 11, frantically called him into the kitchen – so was horrified to come face-to-face with a giant goanna casually chowing down their pet cats’ kibble.


Lewis credits his two kids for getting the goanna out of the house safely after they began gently nudging it with a broom.

The goanna is a type of monitor lizard and is among the largest lizards in existence – they are closely related to the feared Komodo Dragon.

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