Dude Caught Sleeping As His Tesla Going 120Kph

A man has been caught on camera sleeping behind the wheel of his Tesla while driving the car on Autopilot at 75mph (120Kph) in California. The man’s hands are not visible on the wheel.

A startling cell phone video appears to show a man asleep at the wheel while his car is on autopilot on a busy Los Angeles freeway.

“So, we were going about 75 (mph) on the highway and he was just totally out,” described Seth Blake.


Blake was driving from Anaheim to LA when he spotted what appeared to be the same Tesla and the same driver.

“I noticed the guy was slouched way back in his chair and I was like is that guy sleeping, and I pull up next to him. He was asleep so I asked my fiancé, said take a video that guy is sleeping,” Blake recalled.


It wasn’t something he was expecting to see, especially since he was only visiting from Florida with his band. He posted the video to Twitter and it went viral.

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