Dude Attempts Boiling Water Trick During Polar Vortex But It Does Not Go Well

The arrival of a polar vortex in the US seems to have led to Americans losing their common sense.

Whenever temperatures reach sub-zero, social media becomes filled with videos of people attempting a trick with boiling water.

If done correctly, a person will throw boiling water up into the air which blossoms into a white cloud when it hits the freezing temperatures. However, since you are working with boiling water the challenge can go very wrong, very quickly if it isn’t successful.


Which is exactly what Chris Kieger found out when he decided to attempt the trick wearing only short shorts and flip flops.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Chris can be seen throwing boiling water up into the air over his head. Unfortunately for Chris, there was some boiling water left in the pan when he dropped it down by his legs.


Accidently burning himself, Chris’ leg quickly comes up, the smile disappears from his face, and he drops the pan completely in reaction to the pain.

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