Drag Elsa Helps Freed A Boston Police Wagon During Snow Storm

Jason Triplett, a 37-year-old attorney, thought his friends would get a good laugh if he dressed like Queen Elsa from Frozen during blizzard in Boston.

But when a police wagon got stuck outside the pub where Triplett and his friends were hanging out, the Disney heroine in him went out into the storm and single-handedly helped push the van out of the snow.


The act of bravery was caught on camera by Christopher Haynes, another patron at the bar and people hailing “Elsa” as a true queen.

In the video shared on Facebook, Jason Triplett can be seen pushing the truck onto clearer roadways while clothed in the iconic ice blue trappings of Disney’s Queen of Arendelle.


People felt that it was an accurate and affectionate portrayal of the Boston spirit.

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