Don’t Look Down The Barrel Of A Nerf Gun Like These Kids

Nerf started out as a brand but has evolved into a sport of sorts.

From foam bullet machine guns to squishy foam swords, and more traditional toys such as footballs and basketballs means there’s a type of fun for every person.

Plenty of fails too.

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During this hilarious fails compilation video, you see a bunch of kids jam their Nerf guns and make a fatal error by looking down the barrel of the gun.

Not a good idea, not at all.



A nerf bullet to the face. While most of the kids in this video messed around with Nerf guns, a select few managed to fail hilariously while dunking.

One of those kids made the mistake of dunking on a closet door… that wasn’t even attached to his closet!

Nerf (2)

When going in for the second dunk, this kid didn’t realize the door and Nerf hoop was falling towards him in slow motion.

Plenty of other fails are also included in this funny video, from a failed tooth pulling to a Nerf Howler straight to the head.

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Nerf (3)