Doggo Tries to Rescue ‘Drowning’ Girl by Pulling Her by the Hair

This is a good boi…. but he probably need better skills!

This is the hilarious moment a protective pooch jumps into a pool to save its ‘drowning owner’. Lauren Bright was relaxing along with her faithful dog Kaiser at a pool when her friend Bria jumped in for a swim at her home in America.

As she pretends to struggle in the water, splashing around as the one-year-old German Shepherd instantly jumps in to rescue Bria. Kaiser immediately runs to the side of the pool and jumps in to save Bria who is wearing a blue striped swimsuit.


When he gets to her, he grabs hold of her hair causing Bria to scream out before she bursts out laughing at how Kaiser reacted to her prank.


He pulls her up to a ledge and takes a breather after the rescue effort leaving his owner stunned.

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