Divers Spot The World’s Largest Ever Recorded Great White Shark Feasting On Whale

I don’t know about you, but ever since I was introduced to the ocean I was always told – if you see a shark you either play dead or get the fuck outta there.

Mark Mohler and Kimberly Jeffries must have missed the memo because when they happened to spot the biggest great white shark in the world they didn’t follow the usual protocol, nope they jumped into the water to do a photo-shoot with the beast.


The pair of divers saw the shark – nicknamed ‘Deep Blue’ – on Sunday last week and they were desperate to take a closer look as the creature fed on a dead sperm whale, around nine miles from the coast off the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

According to the Mirror, Deep Blue is thought to be around 50 years old and measures slightly less than 20ft long.


Experts believe she may be the largest ever seen and George Burgess, director emeritus of the International Shark Attack File at Florida Museum of Natural History, told ABC News: “It’s a very big white shark, obviously.

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