Dad Installs 2 Big Gates To Keep Daughter In Her Room But She Easily Outsmarts Him

She is a natural…

An exasperated dad thought he’d finally managed to outsmart his young daughter by installing two baby gates onto her bedroom door in a bid to keep her in her room at night. But it seems the little girl had other ideas, putting his seemingly cunning plan to shame.



Wesley Quilty had assumed that installing a second gate would mean his daughter would stay in her room after lights out. But he didn’t bank on her determination – or her gymnastic skills – as she performed a Houdini-style escape.

The video has been slammed by some viewers, who pointed out the likelihood of an accident, which could cause severe injury to the two-year-old.




Secretly filming her from the top of the stairs, Wesley appears shocked as his child makes quick work of scaling her way to the top of the gate.

In one smooth move, she then flips herself over the top and slowly slides down the other side. Wesley can’t help but laugh as he watches his child perform her daring escape, all the while crying and shouting ‘Daddy’.




Moments later, the girl’s mum, Hannah, makes her way up the stairs in a dressing gown. After seeing her daughter roaming freely around the house, she turns to him and says: “This is all your fault” before following the child into another room.

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