Dad Has Strong Muscle To Deal With His Stubborn Daughter

When a kid decides they don’t want to move, It can be a real pain to convince them otherwise. So sometimes you have to take extreme measures.

The clip shows the father unloading bags from the car in the driveway after returning from picking up his child from kindergarten in Quebec, Canada.

His young daughter can be seen lying on the ground in a heap after throwing a tantrum and refusing to get up.


Instead of trying to persuade the child to come into the house, the unamused father does not miss a beat and thinks of the most efficient way to get her inside.

He grabs hold of the girls jacket and lifts her like one of the shopping bags. She can be seen dangling in the air as her father marches her into the house.


The little girl doesn’t protest and her mother, who films from inside their house, can be heard chuckling at the bizarre sight.

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