Cute Kid Discovers Dizziness After Getting Spun Around Like A Tornado

No one likes getting as dizzy as this kid does, even when the spins are so bad he can’t stand on his own two feet!

Getting spun in circles by his father at the park, this kid was laughing up a storm until he discovered how hard it is to stand while dizzy.

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Spinning, round and round, this kid was having the time of his life.

Laughing up a storm even when his dad started to spin him faster and faster, making him dizzier and dizzier on the playground equipment.



Picked up off of the playground equipment, this kid fell directly to the ground the moment he tried to stand.

Neither the man recording or this kids dad could contain their laughter as this toddler figured out the hard way it’s not easy to walk around dizzy.


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Face-planting on the ground this toddler looked up towards the camera with a shocked and priceless look on his face.

This cute kid’s dizzy spell finally ended as he ran towards the jungle-gym.

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