Couple Watch On As Cruise Ship Leaves Them Stranded In The Bahamas

Cruises are billed as the relaxing way to travel – you hop on a boat and head off into the horizon, but that wasn’t quite how things panned out for one couple, who were left stranded at one of their destinations.

The couple had been enjoying their final day of a seven-day cruise and were all set to leave the tropical island of Nassau, in the Bahamas, and head back to port in Miami, the United States.

But according to the onlooker who shot the excruciatingly embarrassing footage, the hapless couple arrived too late.


In the video they say the last call for boarding came at 3.30pm but the tardy pair came trundling along a whole 50 minutes later, after the ship’s crew had already begun removing ropes, closing the gangway and hatch, before beginning their departure.

Apparently the duo had no choice but to watch on as the Royal Caribbean liner, Symphony of the Seas, set sail and left them stood on shore, laden with bags and feeling pretty stupid.


The couple then try on last attempt to catch the crew’s attention, waving frantically from shore, but as the ship’s propeller begins to thrash through the water they eventually realize that it’s just not their day.

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