Confused Canadian Beaver Herds 150 Cows In Hilarious Video From Saskatchewan Cattle Ranch

Ever see a person herd cattle? Well, the video below ups the ante and shows a beaver herding cattle, no joke.

Ranch owner Adrienne Ivey and her husband recorded the bizarre encounter when they went to check on their herd. There at the front of all the cows, leading them around, was a calm beaver.


All 150 heifers were following behind the busy beaver as he was out for a stroll.

The ranch owners knew something unusual was happening when they saw their herd crest the hill in one gigantic bunch.




Ivey told CTV news that, “[It] very unusual when they have so much room to be out moving around. It wasn’t until we got to the very front of the herd, that we could see what all the commotion was about.”


BeaverHerdingCows (3)


The beaver became a natural leader of the herd as the cattle would stop and start the moment the beaver moved.

Even after the beaver waddled his was underneath a fence the cows stood and watched for a while to see if he would make a reappearance.


BeaverHerdingCows (2)