Cat Spots Charging Puma On The TV, Totally Loses Its Mind

“Animal reacts to animal on the TV” videos are always great, and this clip of a house cat turning around to find a digital puma racing towards it is destined to be an absolute classic of the genre.

This is the moment a house cat must have thought one of its nine lives was up.


The cute ginger tabby was happily licking its paws in a living room unaware of the dramatic image on the TV screen behind it.

Suddenly the moggy looks round to sees a huge puma apparently about to leap right on it – and the petrified pet leaps clear in sheer terror.


The ginger tabby’s hilarious reaction was caught on camera at an unknown location.

Pumas, also known as cougars and mountain lions, are found in Central and South America but prefer to live in isolated areas.

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