Cat Leaps Out of His Cat Flap and Pounces on an Inquisitive Raccoon to Defend His Porch

This is the hilarious moment a raccoon tries to get through a cat flap but is pounced on and chased away by an angry cat.

Footage captured on a home security camera shows the daring raccoon try to get into the house after looking curiously through the cat door in the Pacific North West, US.

The raccoon can be seen walking tentatively up the stairs onto a garden porch before curiously looking at the cat flap.


Suddenly the angry cat leaps out and pounces on the raccoon, using its paw to bat away the animal.

The 15-year-old cat named Bailey hisses at the raccoon in warning as it flees down the stairs.


The animal lies at the bottom of the stairs and looks up at the cat who continues to stand his ground.

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