Bear Wrestling With His Owner For a Spot on The Couch

Stepan, an adult brown bear, may be tame, but he still isn’t willing to share space on the couch. The bear, who lives in Moscow, Russia, was filmed wrestling with his owner for a spot on the furniture.

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Footage shows a fully-grown 7ft, 300lb brown bear playfully tackling his owner as he refuses to share a sofa – with the bear even stretching his mouth wide open over the owner’s face.

The amazingly tame bear Stepan lives in western Russia with Svetlana and Yurij Panteleenko, where this video was shot.


The incredible footage shows Stepan and Yurij in a playful battle over sofa space.

Stepan, 26, was caught by hunters who tried to sell the baby brown bear on the market. But the Panteleenkos rescued him when he was three months old.


The animal’s body had several cuts and wounds when they found it, so they took it home to recover. Stepan’s owners believe the bear is now fully domesticated.

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