Bear Casually Walks In A Guy’s House And Gives Him A Hug!

It is always great when someone you like gives you a big bear hug, but how would you react if the hugger actually was a genuine bear?

A man, who was standing in a room and looking through the window in a home in Russia, was suddenly approached from behind and embraced by a massive brown bear.

His reaction was impressive — he kept his cool and acted as if wild, threatening animals hug him like that almost every day.


This could, in fact, be the case, as Semyon the Bear is domesticated and lives with his owners in Moscow Oblast.

Semyon the bear was seen giving what appeared to be a hug to his owner Yuri Panteleenko. Svetlana and Yuri Panteleenko raised a few eyebrows when they adopted Stepan, a bear cub, back in 1993. The bear family has since grown to include Semyon, Stepan’s son.


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