Amazon Alexa Goes Wild When Kid Asks Her to Play “Digger Digger”

This is a funny (or embarrassing) moment when your electronic device is not talking your command correctly. Something totally unexpected comes out and you are too slow to stop it.

In the video, a kid is asking Alexa to play “digger digger”, probably a cartoon movie, that we are not sure about. The machine has problem getting it right and after a few attempts, she outputs some NSFW words… (Someone think that is the search history of the kid’s dad…)

Of course, that has to be stopped immediately by the kid’s dad, leaving the kid totally confused.


Quoted from the dad’s response:

“Amazon contacted us and said it was their fault. We had our Spotify linked to Alexa and she played a porno ringtone from Spotify. It would have said some messed up shit if it played my actual search history”


a few comments from the internet:

“Good job Alexa, teaching little kids about stuff that should wait at least 13 years”

“I like how to dad is acting all surprised when we all know he was watching that”

“Looks like someone needs to delete their history..”

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