Amazing Horse Revives Its Stricken Partner That Was About To Be Put Down

Sometimes, love is the cure…

A stallion took just ten minutes to revive his beloved partner after their owners had spent six hours unsuccessfully trying to get her up. Shire horse Beatrice was found collapsed and face down in her stable in Langridge, near Bath, after suffering equine colic and severe abdominal pain. Because she was so heavy, the longer she remained on the floor, the greater her risk of fatal organ failure.





Her owners Donald MacIntyre and his wife Jane Lipington tried and failed to get her up over six hours and she was mere minutes away from being put down when stablemate Beau intervened. Beau had watched on in silence as his beloved partner struggled with severe pain. Minutes before Beatrice was meant to be put down, he was allowed in to see her.



The stallion ran towards the mare, nuzzling at her head from over the stable door. He began biting at Beatrice’s neck, grabbing hold of her halter and shaking it. As his amazed owners watched on in awe, Beatrice began to stand up.



It has long been understood that horses have the ability to recognise emotions in each other, but researchers found two years ago that domestication by humans could have seen them adapt that ability to men and women. Scientists at Sussex University also found in February 2016 that horses are able to discriminate between happy and angry expressions on human faces and that their heart rate increases when they see an irate face.



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