Amazing Footage of Kangaroo Hitting Punching Bag in The Backyard

Footage taken by Kalgoorlie local Joe Pervan shows the roo, nicknamed Rocco, jabbing at a punchbag in his backyard.

When it comes to boxing this kangaroo is certainly an uppercut above the rest.

Rocco is so light on his feet and jabs with such precision that he would give Mike Tyson a run for his money.

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Rocco appears to be following training instructions from Mr Pervan. ‘He’s training very hard,’ Mr Pervan can be heard saying in the video. ‘He loves the old boxing bag.’


The amazing scene took place in the Western Australian city of Kalgoorlie, roughly 595 km east-northeast of Perth.


Mr Pervan dubbed the target-punching kangaroo a ‘champion’ and a ‘star’. The popular video has since gone viral and accrued a total of 571,072 views since it was posted on the social media platform.

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