Adorable Twins Acting Out Scene From Frozen Will Make Your Day

Look at them, they are so cute!

At a first glance, We think one is massaging the others, which is a very funny act for toddlers. But when we see what is showing on the TV, we just bursts into laughters. They are mimicking the acts of Elsa and Anna in Frozen! The twins are genius! They must have some talents in acting…

Below are some comments from the internet:

“This is so cute, it probably makes it worth the mind numbing amount of times the parents had to sit through this movie. The family dog could probably play Olaf by now.”


“An old co worker of mine confessed that her daughter’s first three words were olaf, elsa and Anna. Mommy came 4th.”


“I used to look after kids who were like this – it was very cute the first time they did the “Do you wanna build a snowman?” scene, I wanted to kill them by the thousandth time…”

“It’s because kids at this age range are just developing their “predictability” mental skill. Watching the same movie over and over gets them excited because in a world where they have no idea what’s going on, they finally know whats coming next. After a dozens re-runs, they are able to tell which scene is coming next and it excites the shit out of them. To you it seems like they are brain dead (which they kinda are) for watching the same thing over and over, it’s exciting for them because it develops their ability to predict and remember what is going to happen next.”


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