Adorable Moment an Orphaned Rescue Rhino Snuggles Up to His Former Keeper in a Heart-melting Reunion

This is the adorable moment an orphaned rescue rhino snuggles up to his former keeper in a heart-melting reunion. When Ray’s mother was killed by poachers last year, he was taken to the Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo Province, South Africa.

The friendly rhino was determined to find a new family and, thanks to his ‘charming personality’ struck up a special bond with one of the sanctuary’s volunteers. A video taken at the orphanage shows Ray cosying up to a beloved ex-keeper who came back to visit her old pal.


The 22-second clip filmed on Boxing Day captures Ray resting his head on a young woman’s shoulder and pressing his snout into her face affectionately while she laughs. She then kisses him on the nose and asks him: ‘Are you going to chill like this? Ok.’


The former keeper, who quit her post to go to university, then jokes that she cannot breathe and tilts the camera to reveal a second rhino slumping over her right shoulder and flapping his ear against her hat.

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