A+ Dad Prank Makes Kids Use A Fake Coupon For “Blinker Fluid”

Dads and jokes go together like bread and butter, they’re just two peas in a pod who love to be “punny.”

Chalk it up to this dad for continuing the great dad jokes with his hilarious “blinker-fluid” prank on both of his daughters.

This dad deserves bonus points for not using any puns during the prank. Scroll down to watch this funny prank!

Sending both his daughters into a parts store for “blinker-fluid” and “a bucket of steam,” this prankster dad waited outside the store to record his daughter’s reactions.

Apparently, the joke was a smashing success because all of the store employees were laughing at the two kids.



Going above and beyond for this funny prank, this dad even made a “blinker-fluid” coupon for his daughters to give to the store staff.

What a great April Fool’s prank, simple but effective.



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At least these girls now know that there’s no such thing as “blinker fluid” or a bucket of steam after they were embarrassed from this hilarious prank.

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