3 Yr Old is a Black Belt at Following Instructions But Not So Much at Breaking Boards

Kids are so cute and adorable, even when they don’t understand exactly what you are telling them to do.

In the video, a cute little girl is taking the challenge of breaking a wooden board, to pass some kind of test/exam we think. Supposingly, she should step on the board heavily to break it, but apparently, she don’t quite understand what to do (or she do know about it, but she is just not believing she can do so?).

In the whole video, she is doing what the instructors asking her to, mimicking their exact actions, but just not what really what they want her to do. She is kind of avoding stepping on the board. It is so funny to watch!


At the end she is able to break the board, not with her foot, but with her butt! That is an Atomic Butt Drop…. Hepe she can pass her test/exam at the end.



Below is an older clip that a kid actully got a white belt after breaking boards. Enjoy!

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